Clubcard Anniversary – Making it Personal at the T
Clubcard Anniversary – Making it Personal at the T
Channel Gold - Direct Response (any media)
Foodstuffs South Island
Entrant Credits
Ben Goodale, Stuart Hinds, Drew Ayers, Kelly Elcock, Marnie Brannigan, Virginia Bashford, Kimberley Hughes, Ben James
Nominee Credits
Emily Blumenthal, Lisa Bailey, Kimberley Davis
Entry Rationale
New World Clubcard has been a big success in the South Island since launch in 2014, with 85% of all sales at New World featuring a Clubcard scan.

A key objective for the Clubcard programme in 2016 was to acquire more email addresses from its base, enabling relevant, personalised offers to be made to more of their customers.

With a BAU email acquisition strategy already in-store, online, within the sign-up process and welcome comms, it was felt yet more could be done. So, it was decided to leverage the Clubcard Second Anniversary campaign to test a new channel for email acquisition: the in-store till receipt. Previous investment in cutting edge systems to deliver Clubcard enabled customers who had not provided an email address to be targeted in real time via the till receipt.

For the Second Clubcard Anniversary campaign, customers were given the chance to win a $10,000 trip to Chicago to see the All Blacks play, plus 42 All Black Game Packs valued at $205. And to see if this appealed more than just lucky draw entries, instant gratification incentives of 5 bonus Fly Buys points were offered.  An on-screen prompt was set up for store staff to point out the incentive on the receipt, turning this into a multi-channel, real time campaign.

Additionally, a competition was run among stores to win the coveted “Clubcard Cup” along with a morning tea shout for the store that performed the best across a combination of (1) acquiring the most new email addresses and (2) increasing the Clubcard scan rate.

Instant gratification of 5 bonus Fly Buys points proved to be a much more appealing incentive for customers to sign up for Clubcard emails than previous ‘be in to win’ incentives.

Because the test was so successful, this approach will definitely be repeated to acquire more email addresses in the future!