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Anchor Uno Pouch
Channel Silver - CRM Multi-Channel
Colenso BBDO / Proximity New Zealand
Fonterra Brands (NZ)
Entrant Credits
Nick Worthington, Steve Cochran, Emily Osborne, Henry Wall, Lucy Grigg, Eddie Thomas, Jen Storey, Ed Gunn, Paul Gunn
Nominee Credits
Kerry McKenzie
Additional Credits
MediaCom - Media Agency, Studio Local - Production Company, Liquid Studios - Sound Design
Entry Rationale
Kids want to have fun.
Parents want healthier kids.
Uno pouch was launched.

We talked to parents.
And used direct channels well.
Total Uno sales soared.

A pair of ancient Japanese haikus, summarise the success of this campaign.

Since its launch in 2014, Anchor Uno was doing well in pottles, but needed to move into the more lucrative pouch market. The problem was, a new flavour wasn’t being introduced into the pouches – it was just the same stuff but for three times the price, right next to the original pottles.

So, it was positioned as a format that opened up a whole new yoghurt-eating occasion – times when your child is on the go. Times where a giving a pottle of yoghurt to a two-to-nine-year-old could spell disaster. The pouches were repositioned as a snack that doesn’t need to be eaten under the watchful eye of a parent, to ensure that pottle sales wouldn’t be cannibalised, and to build on Uno’s platform of “Letting Kids Be Kids”.

To get this message across, the pre-existing TVC’s end-frame was changed, but more important were the direct elements. KidSpot’s 20,000-strong database of real mums was used to let them know of the launch and new pouch occasion, and asked them to register to be part of a testing panel – where they would try and review the new product.

The mums’ rave reviews were then turned into the most authentic endorsement possible. All major objectives were exceeded, and most importantly, this was achieved without cannibalising existing sales.