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4G Redline
Craft Gold - Excellence in Creative, Industry Silver - Communications/Utilities, Channel Silver - Social Media & Viral
FCB New Zealand
Vodafone New Zealand
Entrant Credits
James Mok, Leisa Wall, Peter Vegas, Matt Williams, Pip Mayne, Sonali de Silva, Andy Deere, Blair Walker, Corban Koschak, Michael Braid, Karla Fisher, Dave Munn, Murray Streets, Hilary Dobson, Angela Spain, Joanna James, Ele Quigan, Lena Aziz
Nominee Credits
Matt Williams, Lou Kuegler, Nileema Allerston, Michelle Lumsden, Andrea Brady, Elissa Downey
Additional Credits
Kelly Badland, Lisa Clapperton, Matt Noonan, Daniel Max, Briar Pacey, Andy Deere, Stu Thorp, Willy Heatley, Peter Richie, Blair Walker, Penny Cooper, Jon Cooper
Entry Rationale
4G Redline (named after the red line on a car’s rev counter) tells the story of content marketing that thrived in social media, not by fluke but by design.

To share its confidence and passion for the power of its 4G network with younger mobile users, Vodafone designed a world-first demonstration of this for real, then shared this through video posts in social channels.

The first two-second shot of the car careening around the track, followed by the clear statement of the challenge – ‘Can you race a car with blacked out windows?’ – were designed to stop browsers. Then the story built up slowly with scene-setting and an explanation of what ‘Mad’ Mike set out to do before the challenge unfolds.

At its heart the creative idea blended jeopardy, drama and excitement. It also clearly communicated the power and reliability of the network in a fresh and compelling way.               

The result was arguably New Zealand’s most effective viral content marketing play of 2016. A story that genuinely captured interest and propelled itself through social media without relying on paid promotion. 90% of its reach was achieved via organic sharing – a rarity for content marketing in social channels today.

Not only did 4G Redline exceed its social media targets but it also contributed to in-month lifts in brand consideration among younger mobile users and non-users.

A positive impact created by social content that was well planned and brilliantly executed.