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Ziera Magazine
Industry Bronze - Retail
Ziera Shoes
Entrant Credits
Nicky Dunn, Vicki Lloydd, Vanessa Dunn, Liz McAndrew
Entry Rationale
Since Ziera changed its brand from Kumfs, they have been subjected to a number of market pressures, as well as a hangover from the name change that continues to impact their retail business.
  • the traditional ‘retired’ customer, whose income has been greatly affected since the GFC, has been buying at cheaper alternatives  
  • a wider variety of brands offer comfort features 
  • growth in online retail locally and offshore
  • the cost of operating bricks and mortar retail stores
In response to these pressures, Ziera needed to ensure that every opportunity to maximise revenue was explored.

The introduction of a magazine-style catalogue, or magalogue, as well as an app was seen as a critical strategic approach to help improve the perception of the Ziera brand as well as increase response rates and revenues from their seasonal mailing.