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Welcome eDM Programme
Channel Bronze - Email Marketing
New Zealand Automobile Association
Entrant Credits
Courtney Kosar, Amanda Wood, Dougal Swift, Mark McCabe, Daniel Novikov
Additional Credits
Darren Wood - The Fold, Helen Steemson - Words For Breakfast
Entry Rationale
The AA covers a vast range of industries from their Roadservice and club roots through to travel and insurance products, to name just a few. Research showed that AA Members weren’t aware of the range of products and services on offer and felt that the onus was on them to discover through the website or AA Centre everything the AA has available. However, with busy lives, they often didn’t get around to it and so may not find out for a few months, or at all. It was felt this might also be having an effect on retention rates.

AA’s New Member Welcome programme has a strong single-minded proposition – to demonstrate how the AA is more than just Roadservice. To ensure they were giving their new Members the best first impression of the AA cornerstones, a customer and mobile first approach is taken. This was a powerful approach to how content was communicated. It also ensured that there was a strong production foundation to guarantee that the Member had the best user experience.

Some astonishing results have been seen from this programme since its launch in March 2015. Not only have new Members been given a great introduction to the AA, there has also been an increase in uptake in a variety of AA products. Highlights include:
  • 125% increase in new Members making their first AA Smartfuel transaction
  • 85% increase in purchasing car insurance
  • 400% increase in purchasing discounted EVENT cinema tickets
These outcomes have been a result of committing to strong objectives and ensuring the AA is unified as one organisation in the same way as the consumer sees them.