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Stitched DM
Channel Gold - Direct Mail B2B, Nexus Gold - Production & Fulfilment, Industry Bronze - Other B2B
Shirtcliffe & Co
C&F Garment Management
Entrant Credits
Matt Shirtcliffe, Alexia Walsh, Alistair Lang, Brett Sanders, Rachel Irwin
Nominee Credits
Chris Ralph, Caroline Ralph
Entry Rationale
Whenever someone buys a garment, chances are it’s been imported from China. So before it goes on the rack, that garment first needs to be unpacked from its shipping box, pressed, checked for blemishes and if necessary cleaned and repaired, then distributed to the right store. That’s what C&F Garment Management do.

Formerly C&F Trade Pressers, they now offer so much more than just pressing from their Mt Wellington (Auckland) factory. From single item repairs, to whole shipments of flat-packed garments that are checked, pressed, racked, stored and despatched.

This campaign broke new ground in production and fulfilment, by sending a highly personalised letter…embroidered onto a crisply pressed shirt, complete with hand-sewn button, and hung on a specially created laser-cut coat hanger inside a suit bag.
  • The campaign reached, then exceeded, its objectives at speed. Of the 14 businesses who were targeted, 13 responded. Each of those 13 agreed to meetings, resulting in 8 new orders, thereby exceeding the sales goals and ROI.
  • It generated awareness and interest in C&F throughout the businesses who were targeted, way beyond the individual recipients.
  • It employed a highly targeted approach, using large, impactful and personalised DM – with a telephone follow up from the company’s Managing Director.
The creative concept and execution were an innovative and accurate reflection of the business: a tailored and highly personalised service with remarkable attention to detail. It reflected their brand promise: people who really care about garments.