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Spotify - Everything is Better With Music
Industry Silver - Communications/Utilities
Colenso BBDO/Proximity
Entrant Credits
Nick Worthington, Wayne Pick, Ben Barnes, Matt Webster, Tessa O'Rorke, Serena Fountain-Jones, David Hutchens, Emma Tait, Troy Goodall, Reks Koks, Tom Addison, Kristal Knight, Match Photography
Nominee Credits
Nikora Walters
Entry Rationale
When Spark first offered Spotify Premium free, early adopters snapped it up. But for everyone else, understanding the idea of listening to music in a new way – subscription-based music streaming – posed a significant challenge.

Music is part of most people’s lives so the objective was to reach a wider audience and change the way they listened to music. However, to initiate something as unwelcome as behaviour change required a universal truth, so this campaign was built on the insight that every moment in life is better with music.

The campaign demonstrated this in two ways: where music makes life better, and when it makes it better. This emotional connection with music was delivered across multiple channels and times to bring the insight to life.

Spark took a risk implementing an emotionally led platform, but it paid off - it was an
unprecedented success. Activation results were outstanding:
  • customers activating their free Spotify Premium subscription is consistently over double the target each month
  • 86% of the target has been achieved only half-way through the campaign period. 
  • a 40% uplift in activations has been achieved since the campaign started compared to the previous 6 months 
  • churn rates across the eligible customer base have reduced significantly.