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SpeedWall - The Door Buster DM
Channel Gold - Direct Mail B2B
Speedwall (NZ)
Entrant Credits
Ben Goodale, Stuart Hinds, Drew Ayers, Paula Castle, Monique Strawbridge, Kath Doubleday
Nominee Credits
Fred Armstrong, David Cornelius, Ian Trust, Chris Boyle
Entry Rationale
An innovative building solution already proven in the commercial sector was successfully introduced into the multi-unit residential building sector which had previously been largely unaware of its existence. Badly burned by the ‘leaky building’ dramas, multi-unit residential builders are very conservative and risk-averse in their choice of products, opting for those they know and trust. This was a significant barrier that had to be overcome.

With a ‘door-buster’ dimensional DM piece to key decision-makers within targeted, group home building companies, the door to the Speedwall sales team was opened. A remarkable 100% of the target audience accepted a follow-up phone call (previously none would accept or return calls), with 80% of those agreeing to a meeting, resulting in total revenue of $2,170,000! That’s an ROI of $156 revenue for every $1 spent.

This is a best practice example of how a great product and strong strategy, combined with superb execution, can triumph – even with the most humble of budgets.

By every measure, this was a hugely successful campaign.