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Spark Fibre
Industry Silver - Communications/Utilities
Colenso BBDO/Proximity
Entrant Credits
Nick Worthington, Wayne Pick, Sheridan Derby, Justine Boyd, Richard Gourley, Darryl Wong, Amy Phillps
Nominee Credits
Kelli Leaning, Dino Liguori
Additional Credits
Mike Harrison - Dynamo
Entry Rationale
This campaign is built out of several opportunities and changes in the telecoms industry converging at the same time. The UFB initiative is driving forward the technology that allows New Zealanders to enjoy the internet at faster speeds as the old copper network is replaced.

At the same time consumer habits of how we use the internet are changing. It’s become our stereo, our television, our communication channel, our bank. In short, we live on the internet and this is placing a greater strain on the existing copper network.

Despite this, fibre uptake had yet to reach a tipping point where it was widely being adopted, despite the inevitability of it being the future of the network.

Spark’s Fibre campaign used personalisation and customer journey insights to inspire, inform and get to customers and prospects at the right time. The result? Growth in share of the fibre market with all targets significantly exceeded:
  • Spark’s share of fibre is tracking at 8 percentage points above target of all new connections 
  • 3 months into the campaign, sales have increased by 280% compared to the 6 month period before. Against the target to double sales, this is nearly triple the number of sales.