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Sour Patch Selfie
Nexus Silver - Media and/or Channel Utilisation
Young & Shand
Mondelez NZ
Entrant Credits
Jon Coles, Anita Young, Joe Stuart, Skyler Bongers, Andrew Dover, Ting Teng, Ryan Overeem, Daniel Everts, Izac Hancock, Ian Howard, Dan Phillips, Dan Maas, Hollie-Blue Allum, Hannah Musuku, Alex Gambitsis
Nominee Credits
Jacquie Bennett, Sunita Bhana
Entry Rationale
Sour Patch Kids was a new candy targeted at teenagers, and its launch was to be supported through digital OOH.

Rather than just run a few ads, intel on teenagers revealed that that was about as likely to succeed with them as a Backstreet Boys revival tour. Clearly, something way more fun was needed; something no-one had ever done before.

Using their mobiles, teenagers were asked to take a selfie eating Sour Patch Kids lollies. Post that shot to their private Instagram feed with the hashtag #sourpatchselfie and this was then broadcast live across Auckland metro digital OOH sites.

For the first time OOH ad placements were turned into a personalised, user-generated DM broadcast channel. It was fresh, loads of fun and best of all, helped Sour Patch Kids rocket to the number one candy spot (ahead of even Skittles and M&M’s) in the first two weeks of launch.