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$HRED - Be Good With Your Home Loan
Industry Silver - Financial Services, Craft Silver - Excellence in Creative, Channel Bronze - Direct Mail B2C
Colenso BBDO/Proximity
Bank of New Zealand
Entrant Credits
Nick Worthington, Wayne Pick, Kim Pick, Mike Davison, Kristal Knight, Darryl Wong, Sarah Williams, Jillian Stanton, Janelle Wilson, Sarah Hughes, Hannah Watson, Paul Courtney, Sheriden Derby, Scott Chapman, Natasha Gill, Marco Siraky, Brent Courtney, Alex Plummer, Lucy Grigg, Angela Legge, David McCallen, Tim Freeman, Anna Flaws, Kristal Knight, Josh Yee, Reks Kok, Leah Shao
Nominee Credits
Craig Herbison, Rob Orr, Marcia Masters
Additional Credits
Louise Wright, Joanna James and Louisa Jones - PR - Porter Novelli, Alistair Guthrie, Greg Skinner - Roller Coaster Design, Rebekah Kelly and Alex Roberts - Finch Company, Shane Taipari - Franklin Road, Aaron Morton, Pete Ritchie, Julian Currin, Andrew Timms - Beryl, Jonathan Dreyfus & Woodwork - Music
Entry Rationale
Millions of dollars and years of debt are unnecessarily added on to the mortgage borrowing of many New Zealanders because we just don’t think about them in the way that we really should.
As BNZ’s mission is to help people ‘be good with money’, this is a situation that simply couldn’t be ignored.

With the Home Loans market growing at nearly 8% per annum, yet BNZs share declining, the time was right for a concerted effort.

Rather than follow category conventions and just talk interest rates and freebies, it was recognised
that a unique voice and approach to disrupt the market needed to be found in order to punch above the Bank’s weight and shift consumer behaviours.

In collaboration with the Reserve Bank, millions of dollars in real, shredded cash was accessed and put directly into people’s hands. The now worthless money was repurposed as a wake-up call to highlight the potential wastage each homeowner is likely to be making.

DM packs of the actual shredded money were created and sent out to prospects. PR and experiential combined to deliberately disrupt the market and trigger cultural conversation. Targeted social was employed to further drive one-to-one engagement and broadcast channels were utilised to drive reach.

After a period of steadily declining Home Loan enquiries, and in a highly competitive and growing category, a 23% uplift in leads was achieved which drove BNZ’s biggest year of lending.