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MyLotto - Mining for Gold
Craft Bronze - Excellence in Strategy
Lotto NZ
Entrant Credits
Ben Goodale, Amy Watson, Stuart Hinds, Drew Ayers, Melanie Coventry, Georgie Butler, Kelly Elcock, Stacie Buswell, Justin Biddle
Nominee Credits
Mark Lee, Ben Coney, Jeanne Davies, James Graham
Entry Rationale
“You’ve won!” or “You have a balance on your account”, both are positive messages to get across to Lotto’s customers. But how do you make sure the customers actually get the message and engage as a result? The answer is with customer insights, careful planning and a strategy to make re-engagement a reality.

The first barrier when considering how to get the message across was that customers’ complete personal details weren’t always available (i.e. like addresses and phone numbers). However, their email addresses were available (from when they signed up online). Great, so let’s email them. Next issue – this particular group aren’t really opening the emails (even the results emails to see if they have won). This needed a smart strategy to re-engage this group and get them playing or logging into MyLotto again.

The re-engagement campaign strategy was:
  • use the insights from customer surveys - three barriers to play were discovered so the comms needed to address these
  • subject line testing - to see what was more compelling to customers, learnings were taken from these results and applied to later deployments
  • personalisation of messaging - by making the messaging relevant to the recipient, the chances of them reading the email increases
  • email is your friend - we know people are sitting at their computers checking emails most days, so the creative was used to cut through and get customers opening them (rather than hitting the delete button)
  • give customers options - rather than asking customers to re-invest their balances, give them a choice … either play or withdraw.
The results were outstanding. The audience was re-engaged and they had very much become MyLotto customers again. Success!