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MyLotto - Bringing Good News to Your Inbox
Channel Bronze - Email Marketing
Lotto NZ
Entrant Credits
Ben Goodale, Amy Watson, Stuart Hinds, Drew Ayers, Melanie Coventry, Georgie Butler, Kelly Elcock, Stacie Buswell, Justin Biddle
Nominee Credits
Mark Lee, Ben Coney, Jeanne Davies, James Graham
Entry Rationale
Lotto NZ had a problem: they had 142,625 disengaged customers who needed to be reactivated. These customers had balances sitting in their accounts – had they forgotten about them? Did they even know they were there?

This good news story needed to be communicated to them. With a whopping $152,885 sitting dormant in these customers’ accounts, a cut-through email campaign that generated openability was needed! Email was the only channel option for communicating for this campaign, as no additional contact details for all these customers were available. Email was also a very cost-effective way of getting the message across to this large group of customers.

Previous emails hadn’t sparked any interest, since these customers became dormant, so these comms had to be different.

Ongoing customer insights surveys revealed three main reasons for customers to stop playing (lost password, suspended account or don’t believe people win online). The ritualistic habit of customers picking up their ticket from their “favourite” store is a hard one to overcome.

A series of email templates was developed that addressed these barriers, while also reminding customers of the balance they had sitting in their account. Those who hadn’t logged into their account for 6+ months or had a balance under $10 were advised about changes to Lotto since they last visited i.e. new daily games available to play.

Excluding customers who had opted to block the ability to play and being careful not to encourage irresponsible gambling, at the same time customers were given the choice of what to do with their balance, including a “Prefer to have the cash” section. This helped create goodwill and a positive experience for returning MyLotto customers, letting them know that MyLotto are looking out for them and their needs/wants.