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Member Tax Credits - Don't Miss the Boat
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Entrant Credits
Ben Goodale, Amy Watson, Stuart Hinds, Drew Ayers, Melanie Coventry, Nathalie Philippsen, Will Riley, Kate Cowie
Nominee Credits
Mike Loftus, Andrey Arestov, Melanie Shakespeare, Jeff Ruscoe
Entry Rationale
Every year the Government provides KiwiSaver Scheme members with a little bonus – it is called a Member Tax Credit (MTC). For every $1 an eligible customer contributes, the Government matches it with a 50c contribution (up to a maximum $521.43 a year.)

AMP is one of New Zealand's largest KiwiSaver Scheme providers and, as part of its service, reminds customers before the close of the financial year to contribute, and therefore hopefully reach the $1,042.86 threshold and not miss out on the $521.43 top-up from the Government.

Coming up to MTC time, rather than send out a blanket notification to all their customers, AMP took a stand for the thousands of customers who hadn’t been able to contribute much in the last six months. Contributing to KiwiSaver was probably the last thing on their mind as they tackled the day-to-day necessities; however this didn’t need to mean they missed out on ‘free money’ towards their future.
So in the ‘sea of same sameness’, what was traditionally a boring bank letter was transformed into something that stood out, assuring the customer that their needs were being looked after, which resulted in immediate action. It was a combination of short, action-orientated messages and a compact, eye-catching pack that won customers over and encouraged them to take action.