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McDowell & Parkinson's
Industry Silver - Not-for-Profit, Craft Bronze - Excellence in Strategy
Entrant Credits
Sharon Henderson, Murray Reid, Matt Campbell, Danny Brown, Duncan Wilson, Jamie Tait, Jeremy Clark, Adam Crowley, Graham Mustard, Ashleigh Walker, Naresh Makan, Ollie Crawford, Anjana Iyer
Nominee Credits
Andy McDowell
Additional Credits
Trevor Moodie - Department of Marketing, Sylvia Devlin - Marketing Association, Ant Salmon - Big Communications, Jacqui Kirk, Sam Ramlu and the Method team, Jackie Shaw - Loyalty New Zealand, Ant Rainger - Rainger & Rolfe, Ben Goodale - justONE
Entry Rationale
Having worked hard for over two decades in Auckland's advertising scene, our client was looking forward to the future. Then early-onset Parkinson's disease tore normal life from his grasp, leaving him anxious, depressed and without a steady income.

His life and ability to work had become increasingly difficult. His voice had weakened considerably, and his dyskinesia (involuntary muscle movements caused by medication) had intensified.

He found it difficult to drive, to walk any distance or to stand for any length of time. He was concerned that it was becoming increasingly difficult to provide for his family. Without his prior knowledge, the marketing and advertising fraternity got together to organise a fundraising auction.

The auction/raffle event and campaign strategy was carefully considered and engineered to gain traction quickly and deliver results. It drove emotion from the target audience for one of their own – regardless of whether they knew him or not. It was critical to create that emotion industry-wide to maximise ticket sales and donations.
  • The campaign raised $78,785 from a zero budget, smashing the target of $40,000. After costs, $68,167.90 of this went to the client.
  • At its core, the brilliance of this campaign was its ability to generate revenue by harnessing the two most powerful elements in the Auckland marketing scene: intrigue and gossip. To grab attention and create hype, a ‘new advertising agency’ was launched and the website revealed the true cause for the initiative: an industry peer in desperate need.
  • Personal networks were leaned upon to secure the support of 60+ Auckland businesses and individuals for the auction prizes 
  • Fundraising potential was maximised by successfully targeting agency leaders and those with access to business purse strings, driving event ticket sales and the purchase of high-value auction items
  • Tickets to the auction event sold out in days and spare tickets were in hot demand
  • The auction event brought the Auckland marketing community together with the client’s friends and family for an evening of fundraising, drinks and laughter
  • The client commented: "NEVER in my wildest dreams could I have conceived of such a result. It was a smash-out success, executed like a concert pianist"