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Maybelline New York – Love Your Face
Channel Bronze - Social Media & Viral
Maybelline New Zealand
Entrant Credits
Craig Whitehead, Chris Long, Amy Cattanach, Michael Howard, Jamie Kneale, Rachel Aikin, Suzie Gates, Alice Jeffries, Holley Butler, Colin Rebairo, Catherine Jacka, Lauren Watling, Josh Todd, Melanie Grogan, Rachel Haines Villalta, Greg Mackay, Justin Svendsen
Nominee Credits
Victoria Clark, Carolyn Alridge
Entry Rationale
As the number one cosmetics brand in the world, Maybelline NY is used to achieving great results. But the ‘Love Your Face’ campaign in New Zealand was special.

In NZ, Maybelline is well known for its mascara, and eye category products perform extremely well. Unfortunately the ‘face’ category such as foundations hasn’t historically enjoyed the same success, largely due to lack of awareness around Maybelline’s range. And Maybelline had identified another big consumer problem too – overcoming a confidence issue around the purchase of ‘face’ cosmetics.

Most women traditionally have relied on physical interaction, which had become a big barrier as Maybelline is a self-select brand. So the next best thing to break down this obstacle was created – a Youtube video that featured three make up experts with different skin types who presented highly personalised advice in a ‘pick-a-path’ way, using NZ-first technology, to help women find both their perfect foundation and complementary products.

Plus well-known NZ bloggers were used to make the campaign feel locally relevant – notable for a category heavily reliant on international campaigns – which made the message even more trustworthy and engaging.
Utilising many media outlets, each carefully selected using channel insights into key audience behaviour, also helped ‘Love Your Face’ became a highly integrated and highly successful omni-channel campaign that resonated strongly with the target audience.

This was reflected in the end result - a massive 4.7% category growth  for Maybelline in a declining market , a strong indication of a campaign that came together and worked beautifully.

1 Maybelline saw a 4.7% share increase from April 2014 to May 2015, attributable to this campaign. Source : IRI Aztec National Combined sell-out value share YTD
2 The Face category declined from $11,362,328 (13/7/14) to $10,503,927 (12/7/15). Source : IRI Aztec National Combined sell-out value share YTD 12/7/15