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Life Cover
Industry Bronze - Financial Services, Channel Bronze - Direct Response (any media)
Rainger & Rolfe
AA Life
Entrant Credits
Jen Rolfe, Ant Rainger, Alina Godfrey, Hugh Walsh, Lauren Proud
Nominee Credits
Suzanne Wolton, Miranda Cook
Additional Credits
Perry Bradley, Felicia Brunsting, James Rua - Film Construction, Laban Dickinson and Sue Chambers - Flux Animation Studios
Entry Rationale
If ever there is a category that needed reinvention, it is life insurance.  Previous communications have been represented by grumpy old men with health issues, a predictable format and an audience in danger of being bored to death.  
AA Life could see an opportunity to reframe the life insurance conversation but they could also see it was time to throw out convention and deliver a campaign with legs.  Eight legs in fact – introducing the unforgettable Ramsey and Lambert, the big yellow Merino ram and his offspring.
Through their journey, the proposition is explained but in a way never seen before. For AA Life, the risk was significant. The 0800 number and www are the shop front door.  There are no agents. To be successful, the phone has to ring and/or web pages need visiting. The campaign’s impact on brand awareness has to be an important outcome but the true test is engaged, primed, pre-qualified prospects. A whole paddock full of them ideally!