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Heart of Gold
Channel Gold - Direct Response (any media), Industry Silver - Not-for-Profit
Young & Shand
New Zealand Blood Service
Entrant Credits
Tim Wood, Jon Coles, Daniel Phillips, Jesse Kelly, Alex Gambitsis, Ian Howard, Joanne Palmgren, Nureete Burnie, Kieren Hyland, Skyler Bongers, Anna Faulkner, Anita Young, Jack Wadham, Ting Teng, Ryan Overeem, Will Brown
Nominee Credits
Asuka Burge, Nephi Arthur
Additional Credits
Theresa Frankovich, Mark Barber
Entry Rationale
Recruiting 1,000 new plasma donors was a problem. Why? Because no one knew what plasma was, nor why it was so important. And even if they did know, not just anyone can give it.

There are multiple barriers to donation, not the least of which is that you have to already be a blood donor (at least once in the last two years), as well as meet certain height, weight and age requirements. Oh, and your veins also have to be suitable, but you’ll need a nurse to check that for you.

Because there were two jobs to be done (broader awareness and targeted donor acquisition), activity was split into three streams, each of which had a slightly different target audience.

1. Mass Awareness: 18 – 60 year old New Zealanders geographically located near the seven key donor centres.
2. Donor Recruitment: current blood donors who potentially meet the criteria currently located near the seven key donor centres.
3. Donor (Social Word of Mouth): Current Plasma Panel donors who we targeted to help spread the awareness message more broadly.

“It’s liquid gold” became the campaign’s SMP.
Plasma is incredibly valuable. But donating it requires more from a person - more criteria to meet, more time to make the donation. And if you’re going to ask more of a person, it helps to connect them in a deeper and more personal way with the thing you want them to give.

By using current plasma donors and highlighting the wonderful, life-saving difference they were making (including also recipient stories), people’s attention was able to be captured thereby building awareness, while also inspiring others who were eligible to make a difference themselves.

This campaign not only drove significant awareness about the life-saving difference plasma makes, but it also exceeded recruitment targets while gathering vital learnings to help make all future campaigns even more effective.