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Good Energy Goodies
Craft Silver - Excellence in Strategy, Channel Bronze - CRM Multi-Channel
FCB New Zealand
Mercury Energy
Entrant Credits
Trina Miller, Fleur Head, James Cameron, Greg Wood, David Reid, Olivia Prentice, Anna Matthews, Lidia Chubarova, Scott Kelly, Jenni Doubleday, Simon Pengelly, Rob Banks
Nominee Credits
Ben Harvey-Lovell, Piero Liguori, Bridget Pollard, Laura Dumitrascu, Manjinder Kaur, Nathan Moore
Entry Rationale
Electricity is a commodity product, differentiated almost exclusively by price – exacerbated by the Electricity Authority’s “What’s My Number” campaign encouraging switching to save money.
As a result, the electricity industry in New Zealand is pretty much the most competitive in the world.

Expensive acquisition programmes rule: providers race to fill their leaky buckets, offering huge switching bonuses and stirring unrest amongst existing customers who get pretty much nothing. But Mercury believed in changing the game: persuading customers to stay loyal, by treating them well – obviating the race to the bottom amongst all the other providers.

Yet customers spend barely 9 minutes annually engaged with their provider (most of that paying bills). Why would they want to hear more from Mercury?

To break through, new loyalty offers were created – and a way of communicating them – that beat all projections. Mercury used multi-channel CRM to talk to their existing customers via a test and learn, list-driven retention campaign over the high churn months, gaining:
  • improved redemption rates
  • an increase in customer satisfaction for offer recipients
  • churn rates dramatically reduced against the uncontracted Mercury customer base
  • extraordinarily low cost-to-retention quotient
  • new customer behaviour discoveries 
  • massively positive stories 
  • a programme that can run for years.
Proof that using multi-channel CRM to treat your customers right plugs a whole lot of holes.