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Giving is Winning
Industry Silver - Financial Services
Fisher & Paykel Finance
Entrant Credits
Kirsty Shepherdson, Liz Adams, Matt Campbell, Duncan Wilson, Jeremy Clarke, Adam Crowley
Nominee Credits
Rachelle McAlister, Jasmine Millar, Sarah-Jayne Chamberlain
Entry Rationale
This campaign has truly cracked the direct marketing formula, bringing together smart strategies and tactics that delivered results well beyond expectations, at an incredibly competitive and ‘noisy’ time of year.
  • Built on human insight: Christmas shopping behaviours were analysed and the campaign phased to reflect the way different people shop at different times in the run-up to Christmas day.
  • Using channels and messaging strategically: Based on past results and industry benchmarks, a mix of strategically chosen channels was employed to deliver on three key messaging layers, as cost-effectively as possible.
  • Driving response at every level: A number of response-generating tactics were developed, from incentives through to events and card offers, to give customers every reason to get them using their Q Card over the campaign period.
All this resulted in a campaign that, overall, delivered a massive 80% over target result for $ sales. Not only did it bring the dollars in the door, it also stimulated more customers to shop more often and spend more each time. This campaign has gone on giving as these activated customers continued to enjoy the benefits of using their Q Card well beyond the Christmas campaign.