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Effortless Travel
Channel Gold - Direct Response (any media), Industry Bronze - Travel & Leisure
FCB New Zealand
Air New Zealand
Entrant Credits
Laura Goldie, Hannah Strachan, Nives Zagorac, Tony Clewett, Matt Williams, Freddie Coltart, Michael Braid, Jenni Doubleday, Casey King, Pip Mayne
Nominee Credits
Annabelle Fowler, Ash Smith, Jaime Reid
Entry Rationale
Travel, especially the time spent in airports, can be a stressful experience for a lot of people. Air NZ developed an amazing App which solved this problem for everyone who used it.
The App allows customers to manage their entire trip in one place – book, check-in, view their Airpoints balance, get weather information about the destination so they know what to pack, get traffic updates so they know what time to leave home get flight delay notifications so they can manage their time, order a coffee from the Air NZ Lounge and much more. But not enough people knew all the amazing features of the App, and how it could make their journey easier.

Launched in 2013, the Air NZ App it was available to anyone with a smartphone and best of all, free. But after a year, uptake was underwhelming. “Effortless Travel” changed all that and cleverly persuaded New Zealanders to download the App, use it and make every trip with Air New Zealand better.

Travel is often stressful and the Air NZ Mobile App makes it a much easier and more pleasurable experience. The multi-channel direct response campaign strategy enabled not only frequent flyers but also a much larger audience of infrequent flyers to understand the benefits this product would bring them. So much so, that it blew its target and tripled the number of users.