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Breast Cream
Nexus Gold - Innovation
Colenso BBDO/Proximity
New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation
Entrant Credits
Nick Worthington, Mike Davison, Kristal Knight, Rachael Macklin, Sarah Williams, Hannah Watson, Serena Fountain-Jones, Neville Doyle, Sarah Oberman, Paul Gunn, Gene Wheaton, Rek Kok, Jodi Davis, Marco Siraky, Hannah Habgood, Carla Jordaan
Nominee Credits
Evangelia Henderson
Additional Credits
Tim White, Michele Richards, Andrew Timms, Pete Ritchie, Alex Gage-Brown
Entry Rationale
The World Health Organisation estimate that over 400,000 women a year globally could be saved by the early detection and treatment of breast cancer. However, with a surprisingly high number of women feeling uncomfortable about checking themselves, too few were engaging in this life- saving routine.
The objective was to drive women to take direct action - to increase awareness of the benefits of self-checking, to get them checking more regularly and to make them more comfortable discussing this topic with friends and family.

Moving away from traditional approaches to Breast Cancer charity communications, a product called Breast Cream was created; a simple moisturiser whose very presence in the bathroom helps make checking your breasts a non-threatening, familiar part of your regular beauty routine.

Breast Cream is a simple, healthy moisturiser that was created as a completely new way to talk to women about the importance of self-checking, of getting to ‘know what your own normal feels like’.

By integrating this product into the daily routine of NZ women, it was hoped that a real, lasting behaviour change would be created in a way that could save lives through increasing the chances of early detection of Breast Cancer.  

This project was a completely unique take on a problem that has been the focus of countless campaigns across globe for years. What’s more, it created real, life-saving behaviour change among the women of NZ.