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Blind Foundation Supporter Insights Campaign 2015
Industry Silver - Not-for-Profit
Pareto Fundraising
Blind Foundation
Entrant Credits
Ruthann Richardson, Bruce McCann, Mary Anne Plummer, Fiona McPhee
Nominee Credits
Cherie McClintock
Entry Rationale
Bequests (i.e. leaving a charitable gift in a Will) are an incredibly important revenue stream for the Blind Foundation.

Bequest marketing can be costly with a hard-to-measure ROI due to the long lead time of a bequest being realised (some donors may support the organisation for 20+ years in their lifetime). Donors who indicate they have left a gift in their Will to the Blind Foundation are the most valuable indication of lifetime value.

In order to mine the current supporter base for bequest prospects, a supporter survey was used as a prospecting tool.

The supporter survey exceeded expectations in three main ways:

1. Provided a comprehensive list of confirmed bequestors (i.e. people who have included the Blind Foundation in their Will) – delivering a huge potential ROI
2. Provided a list of people who are considering leaving a bequest to the Blind Foundation to follow up with a comprehensive bequest conversion strategy – providing leads for future ROI
3. Provided an above-target revenue stream in donations provided with survey responses – delivering an immediate ROI