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Bill Holiday
Industry Silver - Communications/Utilities
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Genesis Energy
Entrant Credits
Ben Goodale, Amy Watson, Stuart Hinds, Drew Ayers, Melanie Coventry, Nathalie Philippsen, Will Riley
Nominee Credits
David Goadby, Amanda Singleton, Wadim Schreiner, Kirsty Hewitt
Entry Rationale
Faced with aggressive market activity of media spend up 127% year-on-year, and fuelled by the Government’s successful ‘What’s my number?’ campaign which has turned New Zealand into the second most volatile energy market in the world, Genesis Energy needed to adopt a differentiated route to market to get attention and get people responding and signing up.
A key insight was that customers would rather be on holiday than pay inflated energy bills.  So they were simply offered the chance to join Genesis Energy and ‘take a holiday’ from their energy bill, as well as be in to win a holiday for themselves.
This multichannel campaign included programmatic digital media, direct response TV, targeted direct mail complemented by continuously optimised eDM during its time in market.
During the campaign period, the business nearly tripled the target of connections over 6 months but with no additional marketing support.

Results smashed not just the original target but also the revised target – delivering triple connections in just over three months at a cost per acquisition - a third of the benchmark.