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Air New Zealand Customer Data Hub
Nexus Silver - CRM & Data Management
Air New Zealand
Entrant Credits
David Rimmer, Hamish Rumbold, Justin Plumridge, Nelle Contreras, Steven Townsend, Paul Walters, Jeremy Dean, Carol McGrath, Grant Coburn, Jie Fu Yu
Entry Rationale
In early 2015 Air New Zealand completed delivery of a 36-month capability development roadmap crucial to their future business strategy - the creation of a world class Customer Data and Decisioning Hub. While other organisations claim some level of single customer view, Air New Zealand has created a comprehensive and thoroughly validated data asset that is deeply integrated into their business.

Delivery of the customer data hub and operationalising the data meant Air New Zealand had to overcome some significant technical challenges, from data matching and integration to making the data available to aircrafts that have no internet connectivity.  

The data hub underpins all decisioning activity via Air NZ’s decision sciences team and a real time predictive analytics platform (Boxever). The data and insights produced are operationalised across front line channels, and power innovations such as Air New Zealand’s personalised in-flight entertainment.  

This was not simply a project to create a single customer view for marketing purposes, it was central to a strategy that focussed on transforming the delivered customer experience across the airline, via the use of data. Air New Zealand’s customer hub is the result of 3 years of rigorous, concerted effort. It is delivering great results today and is the foundation capability for delivery of the next wave of innovation at Air New Zealand.