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A Golden Opportunity
Industry Bronze - Technology, Channel Bronze - Direct Mail B2B
Republik New Zealand
Fuji Xerox New Zealand
Entrant Credits
Andrew Sims, Duncan Blair, Paul McNamara, Craig Ross, Mellisa Turkington, George Boussenko, Craig Abbott, Lisa Brooks
Nominee Credits
Steven Caunce, Amber Henderson, Alistair Egan, Harvey Barrow
Entry Rationale
Fuji Xerox’s innovative new Color 1000i’s was an incredible breakthrough for the print industry.
With its gold and silver capabilities, it halves the turn-around times for jobs that were usually only possible on traditional offset printing devices. The two new metallics needed to be demonstrated on a range of stocks, and were used to create a launch event that would showcase the new printer and generate leads and result in sales.

The biggest hurdle was that some of the audience had invested in the Color 1000 only five years earlier at considerable expense, so the incredible advantages of this new five-colour press had to be highlighted.

For the target audience, this was a monumental investment so there had to be a compelling reason for them to consider purchase. Rather than just telling them there was a new device capable of printing gold and silver, an offer was created that was almost too good to be true.

It was called - A Golden Opportunity.

This entertaining campaign immersed the audience in a light-hearted story of a loveable ‘entrepreneur’, Solomon Fujigwe with what appeared to be a Nigerian spam-mail from the farmer-turned-businessman offering ‘A Golden Opportunity’. His letter concluded with an invitation to meet at an event hosted by Fuji Xerox New Zealand. To RSVP, recipients went to a personal URL to register.

At the launch event guests were welcomed by Solomon and Nigerian drummers, enjoyed themed refreshments and even a specially-made golden beer. A sand-artist then told the story of how Solomon and Fuji Xerox got together to create the event.

His offer was so good that it delivered an ROI of $50:1.