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YouMoney Pool of Prizes
Channel Silver - Social Media & Viral
Colenso BBDO/Proximity
Bank of New Zealand
Entrant Credits
Nick Worthington, Steve Cochran, Terry Williams-Willcock, Emma Watson, Eloise Jack, Sarah Williams, Hannah Watson, Angela Legge, Dov Tombs, Geoffrey Joe, Paul Headington
Nominee Credits
Briar Douglas, Thiloma Connolly
Entry Rationale
BNZ wanted to achieve an ambitious increase in the highly contested tertiary student market during the 3 months leading up to their first days in higher education. A target that would see BNZ move from 4th to 2nd place for this audience.

It was summer time, there was stiff competition from the other banks, and 18-19 year olds don’t necessarily have banking services front of mind.

The BNZ’s YouMoney online banking product which is unique to the market and is a core factor in delivering on the bank’s promise of helping New Zealanders Be Good with Money was used as a platform to drive direct acquisition. YouMoney is a highly personal and tailored online experience that offers simple and easy budgeting solutions through drag and drop functionality. The challenge is that its benefits are hard to demonstrate without customers actively engaging with it.

The solution was a purpose-built Facebook experience designed around the key features of the product and then to drive customers to the experience through a combination of direct and broadcast methodologies. Once there, prospects could learn about the YouMoney banking platform in a fun, engaging and highly social way.

From December through to O-week, 40,811 unique visitors explored the possibilities of YouMoney through the Facebook game, resulting in 87,584 games being played, ultimately contributing to a record level of sign-ups to YouMoney that exceeded the total acquisition target by 140%, new-to-bank acquisition target by 220% and blowing all set objectives out of the water.