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New Zealand Post Student Marketer of the Year Award
Gabriel Mathieson, Johnny Sekbraoudine, Nathan Wilson
Entry Rationale
The SPCA’s objective is to raise awareness of their Blue Tick programme – not just the improvement to and ongoing monitoring of animal welfare standards in NZ, but also effecting behavioural change.

This year students were given the option of creating either a B2B or B2C campaign that, if it is deemed good enough, will be taken to market. The total campaign budget was just $20k, covering strategy, design and production of creative output across the chosen media.

The winning team chose a B2B approach through Countdown supermarkets in order to streamline internal comms and POS requirements plus providing potential access to greater media opportunities.

By connecting with suppliers and retailers, the Blue Tick can reward its current participants and influence greater involvement with potential suppliers and distributors by demonstrating the benefits of the Blue Tick programme: brand awareness, sales uplift, positive publicity plus potential for market share gains and increased consumer lifetime value.

But you need to generate consumer awareness in order to drive mass-market adoption of Blue Tick products.

The Blue Tick Scramble campaign concept is to find a Kiwi to go on a ‘free-range’ adventure from Stewart Island to Cape Reinga armed only with Blue Tick bacon and eggs, a small propane cooker, a saucepan and a spatula. The catch is that s/he can only pay, trade and barter for accommodation, transportation and other necessities by cooking Blue Tick bacon and eggs. If they make it to Cape Reinga within two weeks they’ll earn themselves a year’s supply of Blue Tick bacon and eggs.

Entrants will submit a 30-second video to the Blue Tick Facebook page with the hashtag #YouHadMeAt Bacon; the winner will be selected on the basis of most likes and shares per submitted video. The journey will be tracked through the campaign microsite, with supporting blog posts, and in-store POS throughout all Countdown stores, together with (unpaid) media coverage.

This is not intended to be a one-off campaign. At the conclusion of the Blue Tick Scramble, this series of events, chance meetings and real interactions throughout the country will be converted into a digital narrative with staying power.