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Wrong Delivery
Channel Gold - Direct Mail B2B, Industry Silver - Not-for-Profit
MS Auckland
Entrant Credits
Michael Goldthorpe, Natalie Cole, Matt Watts, Kathryn Bennett, Victoria Skinner
Nominee Credits
Therese Russell, Pam Smith
Additional Credits
Jason Buckley
Entry Rationale
Every year, MS Auckland hit the streets with brochures and buckets, looking to educate people about the disorder and raise money. This year they wanted to take things up a notch but with over 27,000 charities in New Zealand, finding a way to cut through was imperative.

Over a two-day period during MS Awareness Week, decision-makers in Auckland businesses were sent a free pizza. These people probably don’t have designated ‘give-to-charity’ budgets, however chances are they do have ‘team building’ allowances and would love an easy way to boost office morale AND give to charity at the same time. As a further incentive,  they were given a special code to enter when ordering, giving them free delivery and it also enabled sales to be tracked.

The free pizzas caused widespread confusion – but all soon became clear. Stickers were placed on the inside of the pizza boxes, so that while in the confused headspace of receiving a pizza they hadn’t ordered, people read a message:


They were then encouraged to order a pizza shout for their office, with a portion of all sales going to MS Auckland.

By experiencing the confusion caused by a ‘wrong delivery’, this campaign educated people about what MS actually is in a unique, creative and engaging way, while also raising a bunch of money.  Over $13K was raised. And with no budget, that’s a pretty tidy ROI.