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Who's Got Your House Keys?
Industry Bronze - Financial Services
Twenty & Special
AA Insurance
Entrant Credits
Karen Looker, Steve Longhurst, Tim Gavriel, Ben Eady, Jason Hall, Simon Breed, Kenton Osmond
Nominee Credits
Richard Park, Sarah Lambert, Greta Bennett
Additional Credits
Hillary Cootes, Claire Beatson, Rebekah Gierlinska
Entry Rationale
AA Insurance (AAI) remains best known for car insurance, though it offers a full range of competitive home and contents products. Strategically, it was vital to address this issue to take advantage of the opportunity for market share growth.

This campaign out-performed on all targets set for it, beating expectations for an AAI acquisition campaign and setting new benchmarks in home sales and in ROI.

It created an all-important perception shift too at a level that was not anticipated. It didn’t just bring in new customers, it finally got through to people that AAI offer more than just car insurance.


By wrapping the central campaign idea around a core consumer insight and cleverly partnering to deliver an offer that would break with the ubiquitous sector norms. There was an element of risk, as it required people to buy more than one policy to benefit, but it paid dividends. As well as connecting the product and brand in a new way for people, this struck an emotive chord and got people responding and buying.

The campaign was smartly executed through media channels selected to maximise the awareness of the offer, consideration and the all-important direct response efficacy.

People acquired through this campaign bought the highest average number of home policies per customer of any acquisition campaign undertaken to date by AAI, resulting in better customers with a much higher average lifetime value.

The overall ROI from this activity was $20.20:$1.