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Top Up To Cash In
Industry Silver - Financial Services, Channel Silver - CRM Multi-Channel
Mercer NZ
Entrant Credits
Tatiana Mes, Dileepa Diyagama, Cambell Holt
Additional Credits
Rebecca Jelavich, Michael Lines, Gowri Rudrabhatla, Brendon Gleeson
Entry Rationale
KiwiSaver was introduced by the New Zealand Government in 2007 as a way to help New Zealanders save for their retirement. Mercer helps over 100,000 KiwiSaver customers retire with more and manages over $1bn in retirement savings on behalf of their KiwiSaver members.

KiwiSaver provides a number of benefits for eligible members including up to $521.43 in contributions from the Government - otherwise known as member tax credits. Unfortunately, not all KiwiSaver members are taking full advantage of what is essentially a free boost to their retirement savings so significant opportunities existed for Mercer and their customers.

The campaign was a timely intervention for the business and those at the heart of everything Mercer does – their customers.

The challenge was to create a campaign to overcome customer inertia and maximise both customers’ and  Mercer’s share of wallet.
Making it easy and relevant for customers was the cornerstone of a tightly integrated direct campaign - Top Up to Cash In - that targeted 47,528 customers:
1. 33,158 pieces of physical mail
2. 14,370 emails
3. 1 bespoke campaign website and data capture capability

These were supported by Call Centre, KiwiSaver website - - and Twitter @Mercer_NZ, resulting in a 22% overall response rate that delivered an ROI of 264%.