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The Silent Treatment
Channel Silver - Social Media & Viral
Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand
Entrant Credits
Craig Whitehead, Amy Cattanach, Chris Long, Kathryn Thomas, Morgan O'Reilly, Simeon Patience, Elizabeth Roebeck, Jon Tricklebank, Stephanie O'Connor, Aaron Deverick, Ryan Macpherson, Ed Bell, Liz Harvey, Grant Daish, Colin Rebairo, Therese Bielawa, Mel Grogan, Luke McArthur, Tracy Powell, Tim Shann, Tommy Eu, Rachel Haines Villalta, James Robson
Nominee Credits
Pru Etcheverry, Georgie Hackett
Additional Credits
Alana O'Neill, Ivan Atkins, Troy Blackman
Entry Rationale
Blood cancers are a prevalent form of cancer in New Zealand, with someone diagnosed every 4 hours. Somewhat paradoxically, they are also some of the lesser-known and lesser talked about forms of cancers.

So the objective was to increase the profile and awareness of blood cancers, but how do you get people talking about a disease that even those affected don’t want to talk about?

A highly targeted creative approach was used to recruit the most engaged supporters, subsequently using them to amplify the message out to a far wider reach than the limited budget would allow.

A small (but highly networked) group of Kiwis was recruited through a direct response campaign. They were challenged to “go silent” on Facebook for one week. No posts, no likes, no pokes… nothing! Just a ‘mute’ symbol as their profile picture. The aim was to prompt friends and family to take notice of their absence. Once curiosity over this mass-silence peaked, we then ‘broke the silence’ with a synchronised post from all participants across all owned and bought media channels.

By segmenting the market and using targeted creative to recruit their most engaged supporters, then using them to amplify a relevant message out to a far wider reach, a mass marketing message was delivered at a more personal level to millions of Kiwis by their family and friends.