The People's Film
The People's Film
Industry Gold - Automotive
Colenso BBDO/Proximity
Entrant Credits
Nick Worthington, Jim Walsh, Mick Stalker, Scott Coldham, Jo Underdown, Nick O'Donnell, Jen Storey, Andy McLeish, Tim Freeman, Dov Tombs, Emma Tait, Paul Headington, David Arcus, Geoffrey Joe, Gene Wheaton
Nominee Credits
Tom Ruddenklau, Michael Cope
Additional Credits
Jimena Murray, Jae Morrison, Andrew Timms, Rocket Media and MGCOM
Entry Rationale
In NZ, through a quirk of fate, distribution, geography, the company it keeps and its prices over the decades, Volkswagen is widely perceived as a premium, out of reach to the masses, Germanic brand.

The People’s Car is seen by many as ‘a car that’s too good for me’. It’s eroded the passion and emotive connection New Zealanders had (and still have) with the brand. And in a market where heartland brands like Toyota have a perceived stronghold on the everyday kiwi, the job for Volkswagen to demonstrate it is a loved kiwi brand was significant.

The direct campaign saw consumers hunt out photos and family memories from attics, smartphones, and their VHS collections - and their commitment and contribution to the project enabled a beautiful 60” film to be created and run on paid and FTA TV for two months. Online, it has been viewed by over 77,000 people – which is 99 times more than any other locally produced piece of content Volkswagen has ever made.

The passion and connection Volkswagen has with Kiwis has been re-ignited and celebrated, ensuring its place in today’s automotive context is cemented by its heritage, and the experiences it’s provided Kiwis over the years.

As a result of this campaign, an engaged group of 961 prospects has been generated, which equates to 24% of the annual sales target for 2015.

The People’s Car is definitely The New Zealand People’s Car – and The People’s Film is proof of that.