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The Colonel's Burger Builder
Channel Bronze - Campaign Website
Young & Shand
Entrant Credits
Dan Phillips, Dan Maas, Ian Howard, Aoife Murphy, Carol Carl, Izac Hancock, Michal Semela, Matt Van Tiel
Nominee Credits
Luke Smith, Geraldine Oldham, Ella Fairley, Clark Wilson, Enna Ye
Entry Rationale
KFC were looking to bring a new burger to their menu that would captivate the hungry but elusive 18-35 male target. With their biggest sale uplifts coming from Limited Time Offer (LTO) products, the challenge is how to keep consumers excited about upcoming LTOs, given their regularity.

New products are a Quick Service Restaurant’s (QSR) differentiator in the market, but are time- consuming and expensive to produce.

The desire to create an innovative alternative to find out what KFC consumers really wanted saw a break away from the traditional research and taste-testing methodology.

The Colonel's Burger Builder let the people decide what the new burger on the menu would be. From any device, users were able to create a virtual version of their ultimate KFC burger with the flexibility to put almost anything inside their buns.  Selecting from a plethora of individually shot real ingredients, they could see their final creation come together in the gallery and share it with their friends.

KFC fans responded with over 16,000 entries in two weeks.  The best options were collated, then the top five burgers were put back out to the community to vote which should be crowned champion. 19,000 people responded and Matt became KFC’s newest LTO creator with his appropriately named ‘Colonel’s Stack’.  His burger is now in stores and is on track to smash sales targets.