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TAB Best Bets - Engagement And Activation
Industry Silver - Other B2C, Channel Silver - Email Marketing, Craft Bronze - Excellence in Data Strategy, Nexus Bronze - CRM & Data Management
Entrant Credits
Chris Bassett, Kevin Broome, Steffen Rusten
Additional Credits
Andrew Kay, Cyris Cloete
Entry Rationale
Kiwis love a flutter and going to the races, but many now focus on headline races like The Melbourne Cup. For the TAB, this manifests into a low engagement customer base, with the bottom 65% of customers contributing just 2.5% of betting spend.

The TAB’s weekly emails were underperforming terribly, to the extent that the Control group was outperforming the email group for Active customers each weekend!

The big insight for the TAB was that customer relevance was the key area to counter low engagement customers, sparking a move away from sending generic content to everyone, and instead speaking to each customer about the Sports or Racing events that are most relevant to them.

A new consolidated email ‘TAB Best Bets’ which is 100% focussed on serving up relevant content was the answer. Within the email there are over 10,000 unique content combinations each week, personalised at a customer level based on their past betting history.

Additionally, an innovative ‘Past Winners’ section was created, which identifies horses and greyhounds a customer has previously had a winning bet on that are racing again that weekend.

A multi-channel approach was taken, with reinforcing txt messages deployed to customers an hour before the start of their featured event, to remind them to get a bet on.

By championing customer relevance, some remarkable outcomes were achieved.
• grew the average weekly email open rate from 19.44% up to 22.83%. This continues to grow, with a recent week hitting 24.6% opens!
• The email achieved an even greater shift in customer activation, delivering an average incremental 2,524 active customers per Friday to Sunday period, worth over $400k additional betting turnover per week.

The campaign also achieved a 3% lift in the number of different Sports and Racing codes that customers bet on each week.