Spend Stretch 3 - Onecard Booster
Spend Stretch 3 - Onecard Booster
Channel Silver - Direct Mail B2C
Affinity ID & Ogilvy
Progressive Enterprises
Entrant Credits
Sarndra Bell, Jeanene Potgieter, Amy Dufty, Greg Antoine
Nominee Credits
Bridget Lamont, Warren Boyde, Susan D'Lima, Andy Johnson
Entry Rationale
The supermarket landscape is dominated by Progressive Enterprises and Foodstuffs and is a tough but lucrative sector. Competition is fierce with around $250 million of customer spending up for grabs every week.

In mid-winter 2014, the gloves came off in the battle for supermarket customer share. Countdown wanted more customers more often, spending more than they'd been spending before. They also sought to reward regular customers for their loyalty and encourage lapsed customers to come back. All easier said than done and not the kind of objectives that are normally achieved with standard DM packs. This piece needed to leap out of the letterbox, pique the recipient's interest, deliver its message in a crisp, pithy fashion and get the person in-store and spending week after week after week.

The Onecard Booster Pack execution drew on the iconic visual green drafting paper and the simplistic rocket image to amplify the message that a boost to the customer's reward points balance was on the cards.

Spend Stretch Three – Onecard Booster was the third in a series and had the objective to reward customers more frequently than the standard rewards programme whilst increasing their incremental spend, delivering a positive ROI and provide learnings over time. The test and learn approach makes ROI less important than learning how to effectively market to Countdown customers. The programme continues to run today, with Spend Stretch five about to go into market.