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Spark Broadband Acquisition
Industry Bronze - Communications/Utilities, Channel Bronze - Direct Response (any media)
Entrant Credits
Hayden Mead, Sherman Grewal, Tracy Smithers, Tim Wood, Jake Siddall, Sokpart Pao, Craig Frasser, Kate DeMarco, Andy Bell
Nominee Credits
Dino Liguori, Emma McIver, Tom Hunt, Toseef Ahmad, Natalie Greaves, Robert Hughes, Yaseen Abbas
Entry Rationale
In mid-2012, Spark’s broadband acquisition was stalling due to the highly competitive and price-driven nature of the telecommunication industry, along with the introduction of second tier players. A solution that would produce consistent and sustained broadband sales over time was obviously needed.

After conducting an ‘all of channel’ review and ‘data exploration’ a robust and rolling broadband acquisition programme to attract more new broadband customers and deliver a positive return on investment was developed. The target audience was New Zealanders who don’t have their broadband with Spark.  This included existing Spark customers without broadband (home phone only, or mobile only) and multiple third party data sources and behavioural triggers.  The audience was then segmented by their location, which determines the best broadband product available at their household: ADSL, VDSL, or Fibre.

The acquisition programme included:

• Smarter and refined targeting
• A mix of both customer data and third party data
• A multi-channel approach that included outbound calling and follow up outbound calling
• Integration and collaboration of internal business units and third party businesses.

The Broadband Acquisition Programme is now responsible for delivering 3,000+ new acquisitions every quarter and currently operating with a RoMI of $7.19 to $1.00.

As a result, Spark have established a new rhythm of planning, testing and optimisation that is now mission-critical to broadband acquisition and instrumental in achieving monthly broadband sales targets and overall net growth.