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Shopping Just Got More Rewarding
Grand Prix, Industry Gold - Retail
Foodstuffs New Zealand
Entrant Credits
Monique Strawbridge, Marnie Brannigan, Virginia Bashford, Will Riley, Amy Watson, Ben Goodale, Stu Hinds, Drew Ayers
Nominee Credits
Steve Bayliss, Emily Blumenthal, Eugene Ruane, Gordon McCoy, Ross Martin, Lisa Bailey, Lydia Mann, Kimberly Davis
Entry Rationale
New World Clubcard gives customers a more rewarding way to shop.  Scanning the card every time they are in New World entitles them to instant savings (Club Deals) regardless of spend level, and they can collect their choice of rewards – Fly Buys or Airpoints - at all Fly Buys retailers; plus they can convert either points currency into ‘New World Dollars’ to spend in New World supermarkets.  

The launch of Clubcard in the South Island was New World’s most important marketing initiative in 2014. After nearly two years of preparation and planning, they were ready launch a New World loyalty programme that leveraged the existing equity in Fly Buys and Airpoints, as well as offering instant discounts and the promise of much more useful and intimate communications.

To ensure a successful launch, internal comms included a staff briefing video, an online training programme and handouts and call-centre staff were given scripts to aid them in various scenarios. Additionally, 60 suppliers were hosted at an evening event to brief them on the programme to ensure there were heavily discounted ‘Club Deals’ live in time for launch.

Clubcard delivers a new, sophisticated channel for communicating to New World customers. Owning the data generated by card usage also delivers insights for targeted strategies to drive customer loyalty and value.

New World led its partners, Loyalty NZ and Air NZ, to ensure it had their support with databases, technical co-ordination, and marketing co-operation. This enabled the delivery of an effective launch strategy for easy customer adoption.