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Shave For A Cure 2014
Channel Gold - Direct Response (any media), Industry Silver - Not-for-Profit, Craft Silver - Excellence in Art Direction
Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand
Entrant Credits
Craig Whitehead, Greg Wylie, Chris Long, Kathryn Thomas, Morgan O'Reilly, Jessica Rose, Kate McRobie, Simeon Patience, Elizabeth Roebeck, Jon Tricklebank, Stephanie O'Connor, Aaron Deverick, Ryan Macpherson, Soolim Sohn, Rachel Haines Villalta, James Robson, Vicki O'Leary
Nominee Credits
Pru Etcheverry, Georgie Hackett
Additional Credits
Peter van der Fluit, Kelly Beange, Ivan Atkins, Blockhead Visual Effects, Liquid Studios
Entry Rationale
While other charities simply have people on the streets collecting, Shave asks much more of its participants. Shaving your head is a courageous thing to do, especially if you’re a woman.

By celebrating real Shavees and their personal, touching (and sometimes funny) Shave stories, every shave or donation was made to feel like a heroic act and compelled other likeminded people to do the same.

Targeting the most compelling stories to each target audience maximised emotional engagement and increased relevance. Once this connection had been made, ther call to action ‘join us and let’s fight blood cancers together’ drove people to the Shave website to join together with other Shavees and donors and make a big difference to people affected by blood cancers.

Once registered an EDM campaign kicked in, encouraging Shavees to maximise their fundraising efforts. A DM campaign also targeted schools and corporates who were key to Shave for a Cure. Communal shaves provide a high-profile, and fun, way to ensure the campaign gathers momentum and remains highly visible so effectively engaging with these two demographics is always crucial to the campaign’s success.

Taking a strong insight and optimising every campaign element helped maximise response to deliver a record-breaking Shave campaign that raised more money than ever before to help people affected by blood cancers, and delivered an ROI of almost $10 for every $1 spent.