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Sharing The Love
Industry Silver - Financial Services
Chemistry Interaction
Entrant Credits
Tessa Stewart, Tessa Kaio, Briar Dye-Hutchinson, Joseph Silk, Patrick Murphy, Susan Young, Paolo Alinea, Trudy Holland, Bronwyn Retief, Sarah Hart, Avril Durkan
Nominee Credits
Michelle Cavander, Gabrielle Markwick-Brown, Kristen Wilson, Amanda Fairburn, Merran Anderson
Additional Credits
Kirsty Cooper, Mark Summerville, Piri Tukere, Craig McColl
Entry Rationale
IAG purchased AMI in 2012. Although it came from a position of brand strength, this was decimated by the Christchurch earthquakes. Customer confidence was shattered. How could AMI re-engage customers with their brand?

The answer lay in the aftermath of the earthquakes themselves. Many of the issues relating to claims were around customers not understanding what their policy covered. What if the category could be demystified, helping customers understand the ‘ins & outs’ of insurance, so they had the right protection should another disaster occur?

In a very short time, a new BTL customer communications programme was created which did just that, truly reflecting AMI’s new brand positioning of ‘People helping people’.

The programme’s objective is not only to retain customers but also to increase policy growth from the customer base, and includes DM, email, video content to help customers understand the category and an app to reward them for their loyalty.

The results are phenomenal. Costing $1,253,523.60, the programme delivered an increase of $6,390,942 of new annual premiums (based on one year), and a ROI of over 500%! For the first time in a long time, AMI are sharing the love with their customers – and receiving it in return.