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Red Puppy Bikkie Day 2014
Industry Bronze - Not-for-Profit
Blind Foundation
Entrant Credits
Murray Reid, Louise Beauvink, Duncan Wilson, Bibi Bliekendaal, Ben Chandler
Nominee Credits
Nicola Garland, Cherie McClintock, Alison Wheatley
Entry Rationale
Red Puppy Bikkie Day is a tiny, 3-year-old event brand for the Blind Foundation.  It operates on the smell of an oily rag and was created solely to use up a major ‘over-order’ of cookie cutters from a previous promotion. The Blind Foundation invites schools, day-cares, businesses and donors to hold their own Red Puppy Bikkie Day, baking batches of puppy-shaped biscuits and sharing them with their family, friends and co-workers in exchange for donations to the Blind Foundation.

Bikkie Day struggled to get noticed or break even alongside the Red Puppy Annual Appeal. As a result, this year’s Bikkie Day was given its final chance.  Under pressure to prove its worth, it was allocated an even smaller marketing budget with higher expectations.

Choosing a term-time Monday tapped into the Monday Bake-offs already taking place in many businesses and schools, maximising the up-take. Extra pulling power was generated through celebrity chef, Nadia Lim, becoming involved.  An initial cost-effective lead generation pack was sent, with event packs and cookie cutters sent to those who registered. A follow-up to non-responders was sent via email rather than direct mail, once again to keep costs down.

A compelling new incentive was added to the mix: every event that raised more than $75 would go in the draw to win the chance to name a Guide Dog.

In a position of near extinction, the clever, strategic and creative shifts transformed Bikkie Day into an extremely hard working campaign that delivered far beyond expectations, increasing its net income six-fold.