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Red Puppy Appeal 2014
Industry Silver - Not-for-Profit
Blind Foundation
Entrant Credits
Murray Reid, Louise Beauvink, Dave Bolton, Bibi Bliekendaal, Sharon Henderson, Ben Chandler
Nominee Credits
Sally Nash, Cherie McClintock, Alison Wheatley
Entry Rationale
2013 had been a hard year for the Blind Foundation. Its biggest and most critical DM fundraising campaign, the Red Puppy Appeal, was in decline - response rates and income were dropping away and it was feared an even steeper tipping point loomed. Red Puppy Appeal acted as an absolutely critical pipeline for future regular givers - so a way to turn around its fortunes was needed - and fast!

In the past, the Foundation had focused almost single-mindedly on the training aspect of Red Puppies – a strong but very rational message, yet not very emotionally motivating.

So in 2014, it was back to the beginning – literally - to the highly emotive baby-stage of the puppies,  from the barely walking stage into playful, romping Red Puppies learning as they go, and finally into responsible Guide Dogs.  

What transpired is a powerful demonstration of how the seamless transition from strategic thinking to creative execution got the Blind Foundation back into people’s hearts and giving like they’ve never done before. This campaign has hailed in a new era for the Annual Red Puppy Appeal brand, achieving huge stand-out in an incredibly busy and crowded charity sector.

Financially, the campaign has performed as a vital booster to the Foundation’s fortunes. A tired campaign was transformed into a record breaking one, bringing more precious $$ and new donors in the door than any previous Red Puppy Appeals have done.