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Rabbit Billboard
Channel Silver - Social Media & Viral
Barnes, Catmur & Friends
Hell Pizza
Entrant Credits
Paul Catmur, Daniel Barnes, Shayna Armstrong, Luke Farmer, Meredith Maclean, Jo Cheyne, Bradley Stratton, Rob Cook, Rob Longuet-Higgins
Nominee Credits
Jason Buckley, Ben Cumming, Stu McMulin, Callum Davies
Additional Credits
Rob Malone, Juggernaut, Animal Skin Tanning Services Ltd
Entry Rationale
Hell Pizza has been in business now for 18 years and they’re well known for some sensational campaigns. The Easter break is an important sales opportunity for them and their objective was to grow overall sales by 10% over the period.

The breakout success of Pizza Roulette had signaled the way, so it was this strategy that they again turned to as they faced challenges from competitors.

Historically a high priced pizza (up to $21) didn’t drive large volume. In fact they nearly doubled this goal, with sales 19% up year on year.

On a bright Easter morning Hell Pizza and their agency gathered to watch their new Wild Rabbit billboard being installed. They also noticed motorists slowing to take pictures. That’s because it's not every day you see a billboard made up of the skins of 650 dead rabbits!

Word spread faster than myxomatosis. In two days it travelled from Parnell Rise to make headlines globally and touched off one of the year’s most controversial campaigns.

But it didn’t stop at Easter. The promotion was intended to be a month long campaign, and sales for the full month were 7.7% up y.o.y. – well above the 5% target. And if their suppliers hadn’t run out of stock after just two weeks, that probably would have been in double digits.

Nevertheless, Wild Rabbit delivered the biggest week in the history of Hell. These results are unquestionably a direct consequence of the campaign.