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Q Card Swipe
Channel Silver - CRM Multi-Channel, Industry Bronze - Financial Services
Fisher & Paykel Finance
Entrant Credits
Liz Adams, Sarah Hughes, Matt Campbell, Dave Bolton, Bibi Bliekendaal
Nominee Credits
Rachelle Crowe, Hugh Robinson, Jasmine Millar, Sarah-Jayne Chamberlain, Jackie Hassall, Merinda Bruce
Additional Credits
Jane Byrne, Paul Densem
Entry Rationale
This is a David and Goliath story. The little guy taking on the giants…and beating them at their own game. It’s a story of a standalone, small finance brand punching above its weight to challenge preconceived ideas, and the bigger banking and finance brands.

The campaign’s objective was to change the long-held attitudes and behaviour of existing Q cardholders, opening up their minds to seeing just how much sense it made to use Q Card for the smaller stuff too, not just the big stuff they usually used it for.

The results were huge and never seen before for a task like this.  With a strategy built around new digitally-centric channels, the campaign introduced a compelling new evolution of Q Card’s positioning, and a unique and lovable creative idea combined with a clever targeting strategy. It was a hit, connecting with a previously unresponsive audience, and achieving response rates that have set the bar high for Q Card. It has been hugely successful, breaking all targets and expectations. The spike in transactions and dollars it generated is on a par with their Christmas season business performance. Christmas comes but twice a year for Q Card!

This new formula for card stimulation has provided a powerful and effective strategic and creative platform that they are now looking to roll out across the whole CRM programme.