New World's Little Shop Mini Clubcard
New World's Little Shop Mini Clubcard
Channel Silver - Direct Response (any media)
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Foodstuffs New Zealand
Entrant Credits
Monique Strawbridge, Marnie Brannigan, Virginia Bashford, Amy Watson, Ben Goodale, Stu Hinds, Drew Ayers
Nominee Credits
Steve Bayliss, Emily Blumenthal, Eugene Ruane, Ross Martin, Kimberly Davis
Entry Rationale
New World’s revamped loyalty programme, New World Clubcard launched on 28 July 2014 in the South Island only. It was a ‘little’ launch because North Island weren’t quite ready with their IT systems; this meant less above-the-line noise, less budget to ‘go large’.  But even so it was an instant big hit with customers and engagement was high, with the exclusive ‘Club deals’ very popular with members.

To ensure there was no loss of momentum with the newly launched New World Clubcard in the South Island, rather than allow the scheduled massive national Little Shop promotion to simply drown Clubcard so soon after launch, instead it was leveraged. Mini Clubcard, an exclusive little version of the real thing, available only in South Island stores for a limited time as part of Little Shop, saw incredibly large engagement.  

14% of mini Clubcards were scanned in-store within the very short promotional period, in order to gain some cute stickers. The growth in actual Clubcard scans rose four-fold after the introduction of the mini Clubcard, and thousands more cardholders continued to be signed up.  All the while, the massive Little Shop promotion dominated the world of supermarkets.

So the cute mini Clubcard contribution to Little Shop turned out to have a really big, engaging upside.