MyLotto - Newbie Optimisation
MyLotto - Newbie Optimisation
Industry Bronze - Travel & Leisure
Lotto New Zealand
Entrant Credits
Amy Watson, Melanie Coventry, Georgie Butler, Drew Ayers, Stu Hinds, Kelly Elcock
Nominee Credits
Mark Lee, Jeanne Davies, Ben Coney
Entry Rationale
With MyLotto you can play Lotto, Big Wednesday, Keno and Bullseye online, anywhere, (almost) anytime. The joining process is relatively intensive (because it’s a gambling function) and the comms sent out are a triggered welcome email upon registration, and then weekly reminder and results emails (if opted in).

While MyLotto is a nifty little site giving Lotto players another way to play, the existing on-boarding programme was fairly stock standard; the triggered welcome email was chock full of everything and anything they need to know.

At the beginning of 2014 Lotto NZ turned their focus to new MyLotto members and whether they were getting the most value from their membership.  

Through a robust process of behavioural analysis, strategic development and effective implementation, the way Lotto on-boards its new members was transformed, delivering a pleasing level of incremental revenue from their first four months alone. This was achieved without using offers or incentives, just pure, hard-working direct marketing communications. In the first 12 months the new programme will deliver an ROI of over 400%. Not bad for a couple of emails.

This project was about as ‘best practice’ as you can get. Using transactional behaviour and quantitative and qualitative feedback to generate insights, a contact strategy was designed based on these insights, direct marketing best practice principles were applied to the communications, and results properly measured. Most importantly, cause and effect have been proven.

Winning really does happen.