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Motel Burger King
Channel Gold - Social Media & Viral, Craft Gold - Excellence in Creative, Craft Gold - Excellence in Strategy
Colenso BBDO/Proximity
Burger King
Entrant Credits
Nick Worthington, Levi Slavin, Brett Colliver, Simon Vicars, Victoria Graves, Anna Holloway, Rachel Dymond, Angela Vance, Scott Chapman, Neville Doyle, Luke Proctor, Lucy Grigg, Nicky Gadson, Anna Flaws, Cameron Wilson, Sheriden Derby, Shaun Cato Symonds, Reks Kok, Brent Courtney, Lars Quickfall
Nominee Credits
James Woodbridge, Chet Patel, Rachel Moriss Jarvis, Liz Young
Additional Credits
Y&R Media
Entry Rationale
How do you quickly change perceptions, create talkability and drive sales when you want to launch a limited-time range of chicken burgers without eroding the brand strength of the big beefy Whopper?

Young, hungry males have an attachment – almost a relationship - to the Whopper that goes beyond the usual connection people have with food. So, to get their eyes wandering they needed to be convinced to be unfaithful, albeit temporarily - to ‘cheat on beef’.  Where better to cheat than a discreet motel, the ultimate cliché for infidelity, as a safe place to do this?  For a week an existing motel on Auckland’s North Shore was taken over and a unique and truly engaging experience created for the biggest fans. Welcome to Motel BK.

Every part of a typical motel experience was replicated in great detail, from the online booking process right through to the rebranded toiletries in the bathroom. The experience was deepened through Burger King’s social networks.  Content was seeded and fans were encouraged to share their experiences with the hashtag #MotelBK.  

There was a huge response. Without any decrease in the sale of the Whopper, the Chicken Tendercrisps outsold the Whopper across the campaign period. Additionally, the 800 visitors to Motel BK shared over 5,000 pieces of content across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, with over 2.5 million Kiwis viewing on social media and engagement rates on the Facebook page sky rocketing by 587%.