Mobile Dynamic Always On
Mobile Dynamic Always On
Industry Gold - Communications/Utilities, Channel Bronze - Direct Response (any media), Nexus Bronze - Media and/or Channel Utilisation
Entrant Credits
Hayden Mead, Kris Hadley, Tracy Smithers, Andy Bell, Sherman Grewal, Tau Matenga, Sokpart Pao, Tim Wood
Nominee Credits
Anne Chen, Karen Seeto
Entry Rationale
Spark’s digital ‘Always On’ activity had been slowly diminishing over the past 12 months, causing  concerns that the programme’s mass-reach, blanket approach to targeting wasn’t delivering the results that it could.

The innovative solution that enabled Spark to convert their programmatic advertising programme into a dynamic, individually addressable CRM touch point was not only a first in the industry, but a first in New Zealand.

The data to enable this already existed in both Spark and Google.  What was needed was a way to bring all of these insights and elements together to create a seamless solution.

This was done by:
1. Using first party data to identify where a customer sat in the path to purchase
2. Switching the focus from campaign to individualised messaging for every segmented behaviour

Both of these were dependent on the smart use of technology.

The solution was powered by two main components and delivered via Google’s Adserve technology:
• A proprietary creative delivery system that can generate hundreds of banner variations through a single ad chassis. The ad, in effect, doesn’t exist until the moment it’s deployed.

• A decisioning approach that determines the creative to be served to each prospect based on where they are at in their purchase cycle and previous behaviour on the Spark website.

The solution created provides Spark with the ability to deploy a highly individualised messaging strategy to consumers via digital media bought programmatically*. This moves far beyond retargeting - in essence CRM enabling a mass media channel.

By taking a more personalised, data-driven approach,  massive performance gains were generated out of an already efficient programmatic platform.

* Programmatic buying describes online display advertising that is aggregated, booked, flighted,analysed and optimised by software and algorithms.