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Lotto NZ: WinWin - Together We Create Winners
Industry Silver - Other B2B
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Lotto New Zealand
Entrant Credits
Mike Larmer, Tessa Kaio, Patrick Murphy, Susan Young, Paolo Alinea
Nominee Credits
Chris Lyman, Nadira Parvez, Melissa Philips, Samantha Keen
Entry Rationale
Retailers are the face of Lotto NZ. They deliver sales and the brand experience. A rapid expansion into new channels (digital, supermarket in-lane and service stations) had seriously eroded the sense of family, community and camaraderie fostered between Lotto and over 1,300 retailers.

Lotto NZ needed to rebuild its connectivity and loyalty with retailers, while also transforming the passive, service-based culture amongst Lotto NZ Territory Representatives (TR) into a dynamic, performance-based one.

A conventional business-to-business “points” programme wouldn’t cut it. Research had highlighted the need to convince retailers that there was a genuine desire to help grow their businesses.

So Lotto NZ created WinWin, a loyalty programme giving retailers tiered levels of business support, performance recognition and staff rewards, as well as exclusive access to “Promo Builder” - a sophisticated local marketing platform allowing retailers to create their own Lotto sales promotions in collaboration with their TR.

Recognising retailers as true Lotto NZ partners has reaped major benefits. WinWin participant average spend per transaction is a massive 66.7% better than that achieved by non-WinWin retailers.

WinWin stores are performing 300% better than non-WinWin stores on Instant Kiwi sales which was the key product metric used to measure success. Satisfaction levels are up since the programme’s launch and the online local marketing portal Lotto Promo Builder has been used more than 1,400 times to produce localised in-store marketing promotions.