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Let's Talk About Lightbox
Channel Silver - Social Media & Viral
Bloggers Club
Lightbox NZ Ltd - part of Spark Digital Ventures
Entrant Credits
Jenene Crossan, Rochelle Shaw, Polly Williams, Mel Christou, Jenna Wee, Jo Twyford
Nominee Credits
Dave Hine, Kerryanne Nelson, Rose Hoare
Entry Rationale
Lightbox is a game changer.

It changes how people watch TV shows – watch what you want, when you want, where you want on your desktop, laptop or iPad using a broadband connection.

It changes how you pay for access - thousands of hours of quality content for just $15 per 30 days. No fixed term contracts, no joining/installation fees. No ads.

The objectives guiding this approach were:
1. Get New Zealanders talking about Lightbox.
2. Deliver enough content and conversations to drive success
3. Have certainty around quality and quantity of content.
4. Ensure content is engaging..
5. Get content shared across mainstream social media channels.
6. Drive a constant stream of conversations across an 8 week period.

A small paid media budget helped bloggers amplify their most engaging content and retargeted people who had already engaged with the campaign.

The total combined reach was 2.8m – 87% higher than the objective of 1.5m indicating people found the content that was created and shared with them interesting and engaging, creating the virality that delivered this additional reach.

A total of 143,500 interactions were tracked off the back of 452 conversation starters – 3089% higher than the estimated 4,500 interactions.  

The CPI (cost per interaction) was just $0.33 – 3,063% more cost effective than expected. There were 582 social mentions using the verb #lightboxing – an indication that this may possibly result in a new verb being created!

This step into the unknown paid off, thanks to well thought out strategy and exceptional campaign implementation and management.